Home Nature Worst flooding on record strikes southern Norway

Worst flooding on record strikes southern Norway


A number of cities located on the southern coast of Norway have been struck by massive rainfall and severe flooding that started on September 30, 2017 and lasted until October 3, forcing people to leave their homes, while around 70 roads have been closed by the Road Administration. Vest-Agder county was first to be hit by the unfortunate events. Many people of the city of Lyngdal watched helplessly how flood took away their houses, and in hurry fled the town in order to avoid death. Their escape was set back by the fact that the driving conditions were already difficult and a number of main roads were already closed due to the overflow. The Road Administration stated that they don’t even know the exact number of closed roads, but believe it is close to 70 in the Vest-Agder county. The small community of Dragsholt was nearly destroyed by the flooding of the Tovdals River, which left its mark also on the city of Kristiansand. One of the evacuated from Dragsholt, Lena Juul, once on dry land spoke to reporters, terrified, explaining how the water was halfway to the ceiling, and that she could only be rescued by boat. Several of others followed her in this survivalist enterprise. Full Story

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