Home Social Finland attack – Knifemen stab five women

Finland attack – Knifemen stab five women


THE centre of a Finnish city is on lockdown after five women, including one pushing a baby in a pram, were stabbed with a large knife.

Armed police scrambled to the middle of Turku as a knife-wielding group reportedly rampaged through the city – as a manhunt was launched to find the attackers.

People were left covered in blood after the shocking mid-afternoon attack.

Police urged people to leave the centre as they said they were searching for more possible attackers throughout the city.

Horrified bystanders reported hearing screaming as a number of people were stabbed in Market Square before one person was arrested by Finnish police.

It is not clear if this is the same person who is said to have been shot in the leg by police as bystanders say they heard gunshots.

One man and five women were injured in the attack before shots were fired.

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