Home Economy ‘Mother of all bubbles’ Bank of England has backed into ‘dangerous corner’

‘Mother of all bubbles’ Bank of England has backed into ‘dangerous corner’


The Bank of England has inflated a mammoth asset bubble with its staggering money-printing program and has now backed itself into a dangerous corner, a top investment manager has warned.  British households are suffering surging inflation that could be tackled by raising interest rates, if policy makers led by Governor Mark Carney raised interest rates, according to David Roberts fund manager at Kames Capital. The Bank is scraping around for excuses to keep interest rates low for as long as possible, including blaming Britain’s vote to leave the European Union, he said.  But the real reason is the Bank’s quantitative easing program, which has injected £435billion into the economy since 2009 by buying Government debts – known as bonds – said Mr Roberts. FULL STORY

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