Home Political Man ‘deliberately drives car into pedestrians’ in Germany…

Man ‘deliberately drives car into pedestrians’ in Germany…


We are receiving reports out of Germany that a knife-wielding man has driven his car into three people in Germany. A shot rings out as cops bring down the driver after chasing him down the street in Heidelberg between Stuttgart and Frankfurt. His rental car which had license plates registered to Hamburg smashed into crowds at around 4pm local time, killing a 73-year-old man. Police said two other people, a 32-year-old Austrian man and a 29-year-old woman from Bosnia and Herzegovina, received hospital treatment but were later discharged. The alleged driver was taken to hospital with a serious gunshot wound. His motive remains unclear, but local media speculated that he may have been mentally disturbed. Police were quick to say they did not believe it was a terror attack. FULL STORY

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