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50 Dead, 10,000 Homeless In Congo Floods


At least 50 people have died in Western Congo after flooding caused by heavy rains on Thursday. More than 1,000 homes were flooded in the city of Boma near the Angolan border, according to local authorities. Some 10,000 people have been left homeless, the city’s mayor Marie-Jose Nsuami said. A crisis task force had been set up to help the flood victims and rescue operations was ongoing. Heavy rains started on December 23 and drastically increased on the 24th and 25th, causing the Kalamu River, which flows into the River Congo, to burst its banks in the city of Boma on Tuesday, December 27, 2016. River waters hit a peak of 2 m (6.5 feet) above their usual level, provincial authorities said. FULL STORY

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